Why Does My Skin Need to Be Protected From the Sun?

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful community in eastern Tennessee! Sevierville is a great place to live year-round, but we personally enjoy the summer season here.

With so much to do and the lovely weather to enjoy, what’s not to love? Although the summer season is enjoyed by many, there are certain precautions you should be taking in order to stay safe from the harsh summer sun.

Our AFC Urgent Care Sevierville team explains the importance of sun safety below, so read on to learn more.

Why Are the Sun’s Rays Dangerous?

You’ve heard before that your body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun, so it might be confusing that sun exposure can also be bad for you. The phrase “too much of a good thing is never a good thing” applies to sun exposure! The sun produces UV, or ultraviolet, rays that are harmful to your skin.

These rays damage your cells’ DNA, which has a negative impact on your skin over time. Skin damage can lead to early wrinkles and skin aging, sun spots, and even forms of dangerous skin cancer. This is why you need to take steps to protect your skin whenever you are planning to spend time in the sun.

Managing Your Sun Exposure

  • Avoid being outside when the sun is the strongest.
  • Take frequent breaks in the shade.
  • Wear sunglasses and protective clothing.
  • Move outdoor activities into a shady spot.

What Works Best to Protect Skin From the Sun?

Sunscreen! A reliable sunscreen should be a step in your skincare routine every day. This helps give you a comprehensive level of protection no matter what you are doing. If you are planning to spend time in the sun, bring the sunscreen with you and reapply it every two hours.

You should also be dressing to protect your skin. Sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat can help safeguard the most sensitive areas of your exposed skin. You can also wear long pants and breathable shirts with long sleeves. If that isn’t feasible because of the warm summer temperatures, consider investing in UV ray-blocking clothing! This type of material helps filter out the bad rays to keep your skin protected.

Warning Signs Associated With Skin Cancer

  • A new change to your skin, like a growth or sore
  • A changing mole
  • Skin itchiness
  • The appearance of a lump under the skin

Sun safety is crucial throughout your life. If you are worried about a potential sign of skin cancer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville.