'Tis the Season to Help!

To say our community has been given an obstacle to overcome is an understatement. Homes, loved ones and cherished memories have been lost due to the recent wildfires that swept over our beautiful mountains. What it didn’t do was tear us down. Instead, as a community, we’ve pulled together and continue, even today, to turn to our neighbor and say, “What can I do to help?”

How to Help

We’re grateful to be located in a community that acts quickly to help those in need. Many have asked what they can do to help. Volunteers are still needed in all areas, including the receiving and donation centers.

If you want to help donate items, but are unsure of what’s needed, here’s a list of items that can help aid those who’ve lost everything in the fire.

As stated by the Knoxville News Sentinel, the following items are needed: deodorant, shaving supplies, hair brushes, new socks, new underwear, peanut butter, jelly, Stage 1 baby foods, Stage 3 baby food, breast-feeding supplies, baby formula, baby lotion, diaper rash/cream, diapers size newborn/1/2/5/6, pull-ups, baby shampoo/wash, flashlights, infant/children’s medicine, kids’ juice, low-dose aspirin, portable phone chargers, pillows, adult diapers, Benadryl (adult and children’s), school supplies, clear or mesh backpacks, pacifiers, Zyrtec, and baby bottles.

We’re currently taking donations to help those who have been affected by the fires. Donations can include but aren’t limited to: baby supplies, packaged, nonperishable foods like protein bars, personal care items, etc. Stop by our urgent care center to drop off your items during regular business hours.