The Power of Gratitude | Gatlinburg, TN Walk-In Clinic

You know the importance of eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, not smoking and getting plenty of sleep. But our team at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville wants to tell you the role that gratitude plays in maintaining good health.

Time to Give Thanks

Did you know that the act of consistently practicing gratitude on a daily basis can help to increase a person’s happiness level by 25 percent?

But the benefits of gratitude don’t stop there.

First, a person who is grateful more days than not also reports experiencing fewer aches and pains than someone who is ungrateful. In addition, gratefulness can help be a strong motivator for people when working out and eating right.

Second, gratefulness can also lead to a better night’s sleep. Even by just spending around 15 minutes before bed each night writing in a journal about all the things you were grateful for that day, it can make for a smooth transition between awake and sleep time, helping result in a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Finally, gratefulness can help improve a person’s self-esteem, as well as reduce stress and the ability to overcome trauma in life. While life can take a turn at any moment, recognizing everything you do have can help you in being thankful—even during some of the hard times in your life.

However, the benefits of gratitude don’t end there. In fact, relationships between family and friends can also be impacted positively through gratitude.

Imagine if you felt appreciated when doing something for someone, whether it be helping a loved one with dinner through the week or watching your best friend’s children while she ran errands. It feels nice to be appreciated. And, wouldn’t that, in turn, make you want to return the favor? Or help your loved ones out more often than not?

Who’s Coming to Winterfest?

AFC Urgent Care Sevierville is proud to be sponsoring the 28th Annual Smoky Mountain Winterfest Celebration.

If you’ve yet to attend the Smoky Mountain Winterfest, this year is the year to take in all the lights with loved ones to help get in the holiday spirit this November and December. With more than 15 million lights in a 25-mile stretch, it will definitely be a sight you and the family won’t want to miss!

But the lights aren’t the only part of the Smoky Mountain Winterfest worth seeing! Other Winterfest attractions, such as Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland at Smokies Stadium, will help add to the excitement the Sevierville area brings to community members and guests alike over the holidays!

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to make sure your health is up for all the activities. Visit AFC Urgent Care Sevierville the moment you feel under the weather so we can get you back to your best.