Sleep Your Way to Better Health! | Sevierville, TN Walk-In Clinic

According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than seven hours per night. But in actuality, adults should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep. Are you getting enough?

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville wants to help give you some tips on how to improve your sleep habits, starting tonight!

Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep Habits

Let’s take a look at some ways you can start getting a better night’s sleep.

First, you need to make sure you are giving yourself time to sleep. Many of us are already trying to find more hours in the day. Because we’re looking for more hours to complete tasks, we often sacrifice our sleep time in order to get things done. But is it worth it?

What time you should go to sleep depends on two things—what time you need to wake up and how much sleep you need. Each of us is different. To find your optimal sleep “zone,” test yourself. See how many hours you sleep over several days if you have no need to wake up at a certain time.

No matter what time you’re going to bed, let yourself wind down. Turn off all electronics and set the temperature of your room just right so that you are creating the perfect sleep space.

Second, you want to make sure you’re careful what you put into your body during the day, especially in the late afternoon and evening hours. What you eat and what time you eat it can affect your sleep.

Try to limit heavy foods containing lots of fat or sugar within a few hours of bedtime. Same goes for acidic or spicy foods, all of which can be hard to digest and can keep you awake. Also aim to quit drinking caffeine at least a few hours before bedtime to help prevent interrupted sleep.

Finally, try and take an evening walk after dinner to get your blood moving and decrease some of the stress that might have been brought on by the day.

A simple 20-minute walk around the neighborhood can help clear your head so that you don’t go to bed with a headache and uneasiness from a tough day at work.

Sleep Well for Fun Days Ahead

When you get the sleep you need, you’re able to be productive throughout the work week so that you can have some fun over the weekends!

One fun event coming up in Sevierville is Ponies in the Smokies, which runs March 21 to March 25. From indoor vendors to special displays, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

And…don’t forget that Dollywood is open for the year beginning on March 16 over in Pigeon Forge! Enjoy the Festival of Nations from now through April 9.

Is it lack of sleep or something more? Visit our team at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville today to determine if you have an underlying health issue.