Should I Go to the Doctor for a Rash?

Visiting our AFC center is certainly helpful when dealing with an itchy, uncomfortable rash, but there are some things you can do at home to help treat your or your child’s rash as well.

Our AFC Urgent Care Sevierville team further explains below, so keep reading!

Why Do We Get Rashes?

A rash is caused by the body’s immune system. When a harmful substance tries to enter the body, the immune system releases antibodies to stop the harmful substance in its tracks.

After the antibodies are released, the cells then send out histamine and other chemicals, which cause the blood vessels to expand and triggers allergy symptoms, such as a rash. We’ve listed a few common rash causes below.

Common Allergic Rash Causes

  • Chemicals. These include latex and rubber, hair dyes, adhesives and types of fragrances.
  • Medications. Things like certain types of antibiotics, aspirin and birth control pills can cause a rash.
  • Foods. The most common rash causes are peanuts, soy, wheat, milk and fish or shellfish.

Do I Need to Get Medical Treatment for a Rash?

Because rashes are caused by so many different things, it’s important to know what has caused yours to know the severity of it. Although most rashes clear up fairly quickly and can be effectively treated at home, others are long-lasting and need long-term treatment.

If you or your child has a rash that shows any of the symptoms we’ve listed below, you should visit our AFC center ASAP to get the necessary medical treatment!

When to See a Doctor

  • The rash is so uncomfortable that you are losing sleep or are distracted from your daily activities.
  • The rash is sudden, painful, severe or widespread.
  • The rash is sudden and has spread all over the body.
  • The rash is accompanied by a fever.
  • You’re embarrassed by the way your skin looks.
  • The rash doesn’t get better within three weeks.
  • The rash affects your face or genitals.
  • Your skin is infected. Clues include fever and pus oozing from blisters.

Don’t wait to get the medical treatment you need! Visit AFC Urgent Care Sevierville today as no appointments are necessary!