How Do I Know If My Bug Bite Is Infected?

When you get bitten by a mosquito or any type of bug, the last thing you want to happen other than an allergic reaction is for the bite to get infected. However, this tends to happen to a lot of people, since it can be really hard to refrain from scratching an itchy bite or sting.

Read on to learn more about bug bites and stings from our AFC Urgent Care Sevierville team!

What Should I Do If I Get a Bug Bite?

Bug bites are common during this time of year. While mosquitoes often tend to latch onto our skin especially in the hot and humid weather, they aren’t the only ones that will bite or sting. Bees, ants, spiders, ticks and other bugs can all cause skin irritations, but most of their bites and stings aren’t cause for any serious concern.

Have you been bitten by something and you aren’t sure what it is? We’ve listed a few ways to decipher what’s causing the discomfort below.

Common Bug Bite Signs

  • Bedbugs leave a small bite mark on the skin that is red and itchy. And, in rare cases, they can cause a serious allergic reaction.
  • Bee stings cause a red skin bump with white around it.
  • Flea bites leave an itchy welt on the skin, often on the ankles and legs.
  • Mosquitoes leave a raised, itchy pink skin bump.
  • Spider bites cause minor symptoms like red skin, swelling and pain at the site, or very serious symptoms like an oozy, dark hole that signifies the necessity of emergency care.
  • Ticks can carry Lyme disease, and their bite leaves a rash that looks like an expanding bull’s-eye.

What Should I Do If My Bite Is Infected?

If redness, itchiness and swelling continue to get worse after you’ve been bitten or stung by a bite, it might be infected.

If your bite is showing the signs that we’ve listed below, visit our AFC center! Infected bites and stings will need to be treated quickly with prescription antibiotics.

Signs a Bug Bite Is Infected

  • A wide area of redness around the bite
  • Swelling around the bite
  • Pus
  • Increasing pain
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Feeling of warmth around the bite
  • Long red line extending out from the bite
  • Sores or abscesses on or around the bite
  • Swollen glands (lymph nodes)

Do you need non-emergency care? Visit our AFC Urgent Care Sevierville team today!