Have a (Heart) Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air, as it should be. It’s the month of love, after all. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner and American Heart Month going on all month long, why not mix the two together in order to have a heart-healthy Valentine’s Day on the 14th?

Enjoy a Healthy Heart

If you’ve been in a supermarket or pharmacy, you’ve probably seen the Valentine’s candy stocking the shelves for weeks. Well, this year, why not skip the candy and go for a healthier gift, instead?

For example, rather than giving a box of chocolates, how about writing a poem or making your own card—which would end up being more meaningful, too.

Or if you want to enjoy a nice, romantic meal for two—cook at home! By eating in, you know the ingredients are healthy and it can be fun spending time together to cook rather than fighting a crowd at a local restaurant. Don’t forget to add some spices to the meal, not only to spice up your night, but to also fuel your metabolism!

By living in or visiting Sevierville, you have access to an endless array of romantic possibilities that our area has to offer during Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s having a romantic massage at a local spa, exploring the scenery the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has to offer, or even enjoying a small getaway in a close-by cabin, the possibilities are endless for a perfect Valentine’s Day that doesn’t come loaded with a bunch of calories.

Are you feeling under the weather? Visit our urgent care center to get your health back to where it needs to be just in time for Valentine’s Day!