Do You Have to Treat Seasonal Allergies?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you might not welcome the change in season like other people do. As people head outside more frequently and open up their windows, you are probably hunkering down inside with a box of tissues and your nasal spray!

Seasonal allergies can be really unpleasant. They tend to spike in the spring season when pollen is more prevalent in the air.

Treating seasonal allergies the right way can help you manage your symptoms. Our AFC Urgent Care Sevierville team explains more below, so read on.

Why Am I Allergic to Pollen?

If you have seasonal allergies, you certainly aren’t alone. Over 80 million Americans report experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms each year. Our bodies are designed to protect us, and so we have systems in place to recognize dangerous intruders and act accordingly.

Sometimes our bodies can mistakenly interpret something as a danger that isn’t necessarily dangerous. Take pollen, for example! If your body is exposed to pollen, it can launch an immune response similar to when you have a virus or bacterial infection. If that happens, you will start to experience symptoms like a runny nose and itchy eyes. This process is caused by a release of histamine into your system.

Allergy Symptoms to Expect

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy, watery or red eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Headache

What Can I Do to Feel Better?

Treating your seasonal allergy symptoms is probably your main goal when you are sneezing and constantly rubbing your eyes. We don’t blame you! Unfortunately, seasonal allergies don’t have a cure, but you should be able to manage them with some lifestyle changes and medication.

In fact, you should take steps to reduce your exposure and treat your symptoms. Over time, untreated allergies can cause more severe reactions, and they can actually weaken your immune system. Taking your allergy medication before exposing yourself to your triggers is a good start, and it may be necessary to just avoid going outside on high pollen count days. If you need help managing your symptoms, come see us!

Common Seasonal Allergies

  • Tree pollen
  • Grass pollen
  • Mold
  • Ragweed

Seasonal allergies can be frustrating! Let us help you feel better at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville.