Can AFC Urgent Care Sevierville Diagnose COVID-19?

There are so many different illnesses out there that can make you feel really sick. While a mild cold may just be a minor nuisance, certain infections like the flu or COVID-19 can knock you down for a few days or even become dangerous.

When you start to experience any sort of symptoms of illness, it can be frustrating or even a bit scary in the beginning. We can thank the pandemic for that!

Our AFC Urgent Care Sevierville team can diagnose you right away and offer different treatment options so you can feel better faster.

Are All Infections the Same?

All infections can cause your body to launch a similar immune response, but they are not the same illness. COVID-19 and the flu are caused by a virus and strep throat is caused by a bacteria. Contracting any of these three infections can occur when you come into contact with an infected surface like a tabletop or doorknob or by interacting with an infected person (or the viral particles he or she leaves behind).

When your body reacts to an infection, it can start to produce similar symptoms in the beginning. A fever can appear as your body starts to fight the infection and a sore throat, body aches and a headache are common symptoms that many people experience. Stopping by for a rapid test is the best way to know what you have!

Tests We Offer at AFC Sevierville

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza
  • Strep throat

How Fast Are Rapid Tests?

Getting a quick diagnosis and treatment plan is crucial when you don’t feel well, which is why we work efficiently when you come to see us. Our rapid tests can be processed in as few as 15 minutes and will give us reliable results. For viral infections like COVID-19 and the flu, we will recommend isolating while you rest and stay hydrated. Most cases last a few days or up to a week before fading away.

Strep throat and other bacterial infections can be treated by antibiotics, so coming in for a rapid test is crucial for proper treatment! Without antibiotics, the infection could get worse or spread throughout your body. If we do prescribe you antibiotics, be sure to take your entire dosage to prevent the infection from coming back.

Symptoms to Watch for That Indicate COVID-19

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Fever

Need help determining what is making you sick? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Sevierville for a rapid test.