AFC Urgent Care Sevierville: Friendly and Efficient Care You Can Rely On

The pandemic forced changes in almost every business and industry over the last few years. Of course this includes the healthcare industry! We went through some major shifts in how we approached patient care while navigating an uncertain world.

With the pandemic’s emergency status is set to expire in May, some things may change or go back to the way they used to be. This includes some aspects of telemedicine and virtual appointments.

The good news is that you can still come see us for a high-quality in-person visit! Our team at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville is here to ensure your visit is efficient, but also personalized, and we explain how we do it below.

Why Is AFC the Right Choice for Me?

While there are multiple options when it comes to deciding where to receive medical care in our community, a visit to AFC is special! This is because many of us have roots in this town and raise our families here. If you come to see us, chances are you will be greeted by a familiar face or someone who genuinely has an interest in your well-being. We can even chat with you about the happenings around town or your opinion on the score of the latest Smoky Bears’ game.

In addition, an in-person visit allows our medical providers and technicians to get an up close and personal view of what is causing you discomfort. We can evaluate you and decide if further testing is required. A peek at your tonsils or at a rash on your arm is a much more reliable exam than as just an image through a screen.

Why In-Person Visits Are Important

  • Access to further testing
  • Better patient/provider relationships
  • Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis
  • Personal touch

What Else Makes an In-Person Visit Important?

We don’t want to discount the benefits that telemedicine provided over the course of the pandemic! It was certainly a necessary adjustment to an unknown situation, and it helped keep many vulnerable people safe. However, virtual visits aren’t a solution for many medical issues and needs.

In-person visits with our care team ensure that you get the treatment you deserve. This might just involve a quick exam, but it could also lead to further testing and a deeper evaluation. An X-ray, bloodwork or a rapid test can be used to help us with a more accurate diagnosis. We want to get to the root of your issue, and an in-person visit is how we do that!

What to Expect From an In-Person Visit

  • Thorough, patient-centered visits
  • Lab services
  • X-rays
  • Rapid testing for flu, COVID-19, strep throat and some STDs

We are always here for you. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Sevierville today.